YIRUMA 李閏珉 - The Rewritten Memories LP

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產品名稱 : YIRUMA 李閏珉 - The Rewritten Memories LP
介質/格式: 黑膠唱片
片裝數: 1
國家地區: 亞洲
語言: 英文
性別/組合: 男歌手
所屬類別: Instrumental


The South Korean pianist Yiruma and Universal Music celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut album with The Rewritten Memories. It features brand new orchestral arrangements of some of his most popular pieces from the last 20 years, including the world hits: "River Flows In You" and "Kiss The Rain". The Rewritten Memories includes, in addition to his most popular piece, music from Yiruma's entire musical career, from "First Love" in 2001 to his recently written composition "Room With A View" - a piece that brings the joys of staying home musically circumscribes.

"I can't believe it's been 20 years since my debut album! I would never have imagined that people around the world would hear my music. It's surreal. I didn't plan that - and I'm very grateful for that. "- Yiruma

1. Kiss The Rain (Orchestra Version) 
2. Sunset Bird (Piano Septet Version) 
3. River Flows In You (Orchestra Version) 
4. Maybe Christmas (‘Maybe’ Orchestra Version) 
5. Nocturnal Mind (Piano Septet Version) 
6. Reminiscent of Days (Orchestra Version)
7. Room With A View (Piano Septet Version) 
8. La Fotografia (Orchestra Version)

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