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產品名稱 : TOP GUN: MAVERICK 壯志凌雲: 獨行俠 OST
介質/格式: CD
片裝數: 1
國家地區: 歐美
語言: 英文
性別/組合: 群星
所屬類別: POP


Music From The Motion Picture Top Gun: Maverick features singles "Hold My Hand" by Lady Gaga and "I Ain't Worried" by OneRepublic. It boasts instantly recognizable cuts such as "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, while Miles Teller recorded a live rendition of "Great Balls of Fire." It features original score tracks by the movie's composers - Lorne Balfe, Harold Faltermeyer and Academy Award winners Lady Gaga and Hans Zimmer. The soundtrack continues the musical legacy Top Gun ignited back in 1986.

1. Main Titles (You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun)

2. Danger Zone

3. Darkstar

4. Great Balls Of Fire

5. You’re Where You Belong / Give ‘Em Hell

6. I Ain't Worried

7. Dagger One Is Hit / Time To Let Go

8. Tally Two / What’s The Plan / F-14

9. The Man, The Legend / Touchdown

10. Penny Returns

11. Hold My Hand

12. Top Gun Anthem

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