4TE! - City Jazz MQACD

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產品名稱 : 4TE! - City Jazz MQACD
國家地區: 香港
性別/組合: 樂隊組合
所屬類別: Instrumental


4TE,City Jazz,,鮑比達領軍,簡直就是香港Fourplay

City Jazz is a collection of re-imagined Japanese and Cantonese classics, which is a veritable journeythrough sonic styles and emotion, riddled with well-thought-out arrangements and creativeinterpretations that simply cannot be done any better by any other group of musicians, as the mainman/musical director/producer/pianist of 4te!, KRIZ B was quoted saying in a previous interview: "it'salways a big challenge and not as easy as it would seem, re-imagining these well-loved classics; mytask is to spin it 180 degrees yet maintain the melody and the spirit of the song," City Jazz is a veryentertaining and well-rounded album for both the novice, casual listener, and has the rare ability - in it'saccessibility - to reach even the most discerning aficionado of the genre. This Jazz Pop Fusion albumwill be released on 5th August and will be available in Hybrid SACD, which provides super highresolution audio.

01 Tantalizing (拒絕再玩)

02 Hana (花心)

03 Don't Go (李香蘭)
04 Sayonara (風繼續吹)
05 Fall In Love (誰令你心痴)
06 Men & Women (讓我歡喜讓我憂)
07 Sunset Melody (千千闋歌)
08 Plastic Love (尋愛)
09 Red Wine Heart (酒紅色的心)

10 Sky (海闊天空)

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