LE SSERAFIM - Fearless (Jp version) standard edition

  • 商品貨號: UPCH89513
  • 本店售價: HK$135元
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產品名稱 : LE SSERAFIM - Fearless (Jp version) standard edition
介質/格式: CD
片裝數: 1
國家地區: 亞洲
語言: 日文
性別/組合: 樂隊組合
所屬類別: POP



LE SSERAFIM will be releasing their Japan 1st single, FEARLESS. Along with the lead song "FEARLESS -Japanese ver.-," the single will also feature the Japanese version of `Blue Flame' and the band's first Japanese original song. The Standard Edition (CD only), includes 1 selfie photocard (randomly enclosed out of 5) (first press only) (WHITE BACCHARIS concept), and an 8-page lyric booklet.

1. FEARLESS (jp version)

2. Blue Flame (jp version)

3. Choices

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